Automated development process from Development, through Test and QA to Production

Build your own DevOps Toolchain and Orchestration solution

Take control over your development and deployment processes, gain insights and improve cost -and risk efficiency, time-to-market, and customer satisfaction.

Automate and control every step, from plan to production and keep using your existing tools

Our approach

  • Together we define your desired development and deployment process.
  • Next, we orchestrate these processes in our web-based and open framework*, addressing your legacy and future.
  • As a result ,you will benefit from a standardized, proven, documented, auditable, repeatable and sustainable process.

The IKAN ALM phases concept enables DevOps for any development environment

Open framework*

The framework is adaptable to any development environment by using "Phases".

Either write your own or use our certified phases for ODI, SAP, IBM z/OS. and Salesforce.

  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
  • Automate and customize unlimited DTAP life cycles
  • Trace any release in the development chain
  • Repeat, automate and audit every release process
  • Connect and control your different tools
  • Manage all your environments with a single tool
  • Automate anything (database scripts, tests,...)

We have put all these features into a single application, so you can focus on releasing software

DevOps (with CI and CD)

Project streams (Release Management)

For each project you can have one or more project streams. A project stream is linked to a version control repository trunk or branch. Each project stream can have his own distinct life cycle.

Automated Build

The framework supports Release -and Package-based builds (Distributed and Mainframe). You can have continuous integration, scheduled or forced builds. Once the release is built, it is stored as an archive for later use.

Build types supported:
Full Build, Partial Build, Production-based Partial Build, or tag-based Partial Build

Automated Deployment

The automated deployment process moves the package or release to the appropriate Test or Production environment. That is done using pre-defined, yet customizable Deploy scripts which we call "Solution Phases".

Approvals & Notifications

You can make your deployments pre- or post-approval based, and you can also get notified by mail of any successful or failed build or deploy.

Toolchain Orchestration

No matter which tools you are using, they will be integrated in your automated lifecycle. Based on the outcome of your tools (passed or failed) a next action will be executed and the information will be logged.

Compliancy and Security

We support the use of process standards (enterprises with strict regulations). User Access Control is handled by your company’s own security system.

  • Compliancy: CMM, ITIL, Six SigmaTM, Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Security: Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos.


Simply plug in your preferred VCR and Issue Tracking Systems.

  • VCR: Git, Subversion, Azure DevOps, Microsoft TFVC, CVS,...
  • Issue Tracking: Jira, TFS, Azure DevOps, Github, MicroFocus ALM,...
Platform and environment independent framework for continuous deployment and toolchain orchestration

What makes us different from other solutions

Web-based and enterprise-wide

A multilingual web-based interface allows you to control your application life cycle from within your browser. No need to install any client software. Our Server/Agent architecture will offer you the needed flexibility and scalability.

Platform -and environment independent

IKAN ALM runs perfectly on Linux, Unix or Windows and supports different development environments. Even if your applications have a distributed front-end (Java, .NET,...) and a Mainframe back-end: you can manage and release all your applications with the same application. Mix it however you like.

Learn more about how DevOps will benefit your environment

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People are choosing DevOps because they want

High quality releases

As developers will version their code and as parallel development is supported you will have a more sound code base. Once the code is versioned, the build and deploy processes are fully automated. You can build and deploy as many times and as fast as you want.

More frequent deploys

A complete and automated process (build, deploy, approval and notification) is triggered once a developer commits his code to the version control repository. This process is reliable, repeatable and auditable so you can you can deploy more frequently.

Lower development costs

More frequent and qualitative deploys means happy business people since they'll have their desired functionality available faster. The automated process eliminates human mistakes and allows people to do more interesting work. A true win/win.

These companies already use IKAN ALM

A list of our clients: Vivium, Reale Mutua, GMF and Constellation Brands