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Versioning, automated deployment and Life Cycle Management for
Oracle OWB / ODI

Mainframe modernization and agility, using Life Cycle Management for


All activities of the application lifecycle involve different stakeholders, each of them focussing on different aspects of the overall development process.

For example:

  • A developer wants to have early feedback on the code committed in the trunk stream (Continuous Integration) and wants to build the project in his IDE with the correct latest sources and common libraries.
  • A project manager wants to have a clear overview of the project status: is the latest code in the trunk buildable? do the unit tests run successfully? what are the guys of QA testing? which is the current production version?
  • Production operators prefer an automated deploy process, where they can control the environment variables?
  • The CIO and CEO of a corporation would like to see an automated and repeatable process with an audit trail.

Implementing IKAN ALM to manage the application lifecycle, provides a series of benefits for each group of stakeholders without compromising the responsibility of the other groups.

  • No more repetitive or unwanted costs
  • Cutting costs by reusing components
  • No changes in working environment, no need to learn new skills
  • 15% more productivity
Build and Release management
  • Complete separation of duties
  • No more risky deploy mistakes
  • 25 % more productivity in the build and release phases
IT Management
  • Increased productivity
  • Controllable and enforceable rules for test and approval
  • Cost-cutting
  • Overall reporting on IT level
  • Complete project insight
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Full compliance of the whole project
  • Included traceability of actions
  • Overall reporting on business level
  • Control over IT ownerschip costs
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • High CMM level and control over budget and performance
  • Full compliance to regulators
  • Stronger and more flexible organization
(shareholders, government, auditors)
  • Complete and traceable compliance

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