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Today there is an unknown number of tools that can be used in software application development. For each discipline, be it requirements management, issue tracking, integrated development environments (IDEs), versioning or testing, there is a wealth of choice. We believe that a sound ALM solution should leave each stakeholder the freedom of choice on what tool he uses and the ALM solution itself should handle the communication of the different tools.

IKAN ALM gives the user that freedom.

For example:

  • A developer may use the IDE of his choice, as long as he can commit his code to a versioning system.
  • Development teams can use any preferred methodology e.g. waterfall, spiral, prototyping, agile,...
  • Different development teams within an organisation are able to use their versioning system of choice.
  • IKAN ALM will communicate with existing issue tracking (or defect tracking) systems.
  • Local, Decentralized or Cloud development environments are fully supported.
  • IKAN ALM is multilingual and adaptable on user level.

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