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Version: 5.8, Self-extractable archive (302MB)Version: 5.8, Self-extractable archive (302MB)Version: 5.8, Gzipped archive (299MB)
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Zipped archive (100MB)
Form by ChronoForms -
Note: This is a fully functional demo. However, specific solutions (for ODI, SAP, IBM z/OS,...) are not included, because we can not ship a complete work environment. To see specific solutions in action you can register for a free live demo.

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The installation and configuration of these downloads is explained in the Getting started guide (also included in the download). To use the examples in this guide you will also need to download the Docgen demo project.
  • IKAN ALM 5.8 - Getting Started Guide: English
  • IKAN ALM 5.8 - Guide de mise en route: Fran├žais

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