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Save 30% by automation

ALM activities are the tasks that take place within a software development or maintenance project that allow software changes to be identified, controlled and managed throughout all phases of the software development or maintenance life cycle, while it informs all stakeholders of the status of the activity.

Key issues challenging software development organizations today include: maintaining quality, increasing productivity, controlling expenses, meeting deadlines, and maintaining audit and certification requirements. To meet these pressures and challenges, many organizations have introduced a variety of technologies and management concepts, including:

  • Distributed environments
  • 4GLs, RAD Tools, Object Oriented Tools, etc...
  • Testing Groups and Tools
  • Automated testtools
  • Offering build vs test information
  • Down- and Rightsizing
  • Change issue tracking capabilities
  • Overall reporting capabilities
  • Coordinating between stake holders
  • Compliance reporting and data availability

Even with the introduction of these automated or manual strategies and technologies, the pressure and challenges facing software development organizations are not decreasing. Even more, for stakeholders such as management and users/clients, the needs for information rise.

Still many organizations think that by implementing issue tracking systems and versioning tools they have taken the necessary steps to achieve full ALM 2.0. Even though ALM 2.0 is beneficial to Development (for example in automating build processes and information sharing with testing/QA), it is more than just a development process. The change activity to Test and Production is as important for a right process. The continuity of the total process otherwise, makes automated approval processes and information sharing needed.

A well-implemented ALM solution using IKAN ALM will reduce a development organization's day-to-day IT Budget. In addition to getting ALM activities costs under control, ALM can alleviate many of the business pressures and challenges that impact software development efforts. If you would like more information on how to achieve cost deduction by using IKAN ALM, please contact us.

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