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Why ALM through evolution

IKAN believes that starting all over is not the right option. On the contrary, we believe that it makes more sense to build further on what you have, your current processes and tool, by enhancing that current process and tool set, by complementing what is missing and by making all relevant information available to the interested stakeholders. IKAN ALM allows you to work in your preferred development environment, with the development tools of your choice, without any limitation. We even support enclosed development like SAP and Oracle Forms. Also for Issue tracking and versioning you can continue using any existent solution or tool already installed. This gives you the least financial and operational expenditure:

The IKAN ALM product set

The IKAN ALM product set is composed of two major components: IKAN ALM itself, the component that covers all Build, Deploy, Lifecycle and Approval processes, and IKAN ALM Reports that makes all relevant ALM information available to all stakeholders.

Implementing IKAN ALM in your company

  • Increases productivity, as teams share best practices for development and deployment, and developers only need to focus on writing code
  • Improves quality, so that the final application meets the needs and expectations of the users
  • Breaks boundaries through tight collaboration and smooth information flows
  • Accelerates development through simplified integration
  • Cuts maintenance time by synchronizing application development and design processes
  • Maximizes investments in skills, processes and technologies
  • Increases flexibility by reducing the time it takes to build and adapt applications that support new business initiatives
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