Application Lifecycle Management through evolution

IKAN ALM is a fully compliant, multi-vendor, open ALM 2.0 solution to control your complete application lifecycle process.

Why ALM through evolution? Save 30% by automation. Will it fit my process?

What is it about?

Software application development, including the implementation and maintenance hereof, involves many complex processes combining a series of roles, tools and deliverables. Streamlining these processes demands a major effort.

Tools like Issue Tracking and Versioning are used to enable stakeholders to have full control of all development activities. Although these tools usually function very well separately, there is a lack of integration with the other steps in the Lifecycle.

Our fully compliant, but open, ALM 2.0 (Application Lifecycle Management) solution organizes and controls your complete application lifecycle process incorporating the existing tools in use. This increases the visibility and control on the process, ensures the quality of the delivered applications, guarantees time-to-market and allows for substantial cost savings.

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A selection of our solutions

  • Mainframe
  • HP
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • CA Endevor
  • Collabnet
  • Modern software development and ALM for Mainframes

    IBM z/OS

    Get all the advantages of modern software development and ALM on Mainframes (IBM, Fujitsu, Unisys, Bull). Control both your mainframe and non-mainframe development process from one single point.

  • Automated testing for HP ALM

    HP ALM 11.0

    The IKAN ALM and HP ALM 11.0 partnership provides and end-to-end ALM solution. Managing the whole development process from requirements through deployment. This collaboration with HP Quality Center will offer detailed source information for testing.

  • Extending the SAP lifecycle


    Read how IKAN ALM completes the SAP software lifecycle with Build, Test and Deploy processes.
    More on extending SAP...

  • Full ALM for OWB and ODI

    Oracle OWB and ODI

    Versioning for concurrent development and fully automated ALM to supercharge your Build and Deploy process.
    More on LCM for Oracle Warehouse Builder or Oracle Data Integrator

  • ALM 2.0 for CA Endevor mainframe


    Implement full decentralized ALM 2.0 functionalities for your CA Endevor mainframe. Get control over all development environments from a single point of control.
    More on decentralized ALM for Endevor...

  • Collabnet TeamForge


    The integration between Collabnet TeamForge and IKAN ALM ensures that all relevant build and deploy information is available for all stakeholders in the application lifecycle process.
    Read more on how we integrate with Collabnet...

New release 5.7!

  • Integration with Gradle Build Automation
  • New Package Build Group concept
  • New RIA interface for creating a Level Request, and more... Get more details here.
Download IKAN ALM 5.7