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24 Hour Fitness

Logo 24hr Fitness 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide is the largest and most successful fitness club owner/operator with almost 400 Super Clubs throughout the United States and Asia.

Their technology platform compromises an Oracle database and application servers running on Unix and Linux. The Java based development relies on Linux and Windows, using CVS and Subversion as a versioning system.

To enable a large number of application changes to be implemented more quickly and at a higher quality, 24 Hour Fitness chose IKAN ALM to incorporate their current development platform into a full manageable application lifecycle. For more detail, please read the full customer story.


Logo Haspa Hamburger Sparkasse AG, part of the Haspa finance group, is Hamburg's leading retail bank for retail customers, private customers and medium-sized corporate users.

Streamlining a multitude of projects, which include ETL programs, Cobol sources, SQL and other scripts, C, printout flows and also a growing base of Java projects, obviously is a very complex task. Especially in Haspa's case where different projects share multiple dependencies.

Haspa chose IKAN ALM to replace their redundant collection of software build and lifecycle processes with a single environment. Integrating their software development flow into a full application lifecycle, spanned over all computer platforms, including Unix and Windows. For more detail, please read the full customer story.


Logo GMF GMF is one of the leading insurance companies in France, offering a wide range of products and services such as personal insurance, assistance, savings, pensions, loans and financial products. The IMF Group has a turnover of more than 3 billion EUR, over 5 million contracts and 3 million customers .

As their applications are constantly evolving and the requirements and configurations become more complex, they needed a software tool which would be open enough to deal with a variety of platforms, repositories, Web servers and databases, offering the possibility of independent life-cycles for each application, and ensuring secure deploys on remote sites.

GMF has chosen IKAN ALM for its proven efficiency in Continuous Integration and Life-cycle Management. They now dispose of a central system for tracking all build and deploy activities for all the different applications on the different environments, whilst saving a lot of time and money. Full customer story coming soon.

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