IKAN ALM version 5.9 officially released!

Some of the new features included are:

  • Enhanced REST API
  • Project import/export
  • Nested User Groups
  • Remote Agent install
  • and much more...

Discover all the novelties and enhancements in the What’s new in IKAN ALM document.

Réne De Vleeschauwer wrote a new post on Linkedin: "Modernize Your Mainframe While Cutting Costs and Time-to-Market Without Eliminating Legacy Code"

If you’re a mainframe user, you KNOW making it more responsive to business needs is extremely difficult, time consuming and discouraging. Read the full post on Linkedin.

IKAN, today announced that it joins the CloudBees TAPP program as a Premier Partner. At the same time it announces his PluginPlus solution for IBM z/OS for CloudBees, a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution for IBM z/OS that enterprises can use to rapidly create, deploy and manage mainframe applications using CloudBees.

The IKAN PluginPlus for IBM z/OS for CloudBees is a commercial offering built on CloudBees.

Why do we call them PluginPlus? Well, because the IKAN Plugin for IBM z/OS for CloudBees have exactly the same behavior as standard CloudBees plugins, but are not for free. The IKAN PluginPlus for IBM z/OS is also documented, maintained and supported.


The IKAN CloudBees PluginPlus for z/OS includes a variety of key features like:

  • Integration with Subversion, GIT
  • Release or Package based CI/CD
  • Model and parameter driven creation of IBM z/OS JCL
  • Automatic generation of compile JCL
  • Automatic generation of deploy/promote JCL
  • Support for DB2 binds, CICS update, QMF update
  • Support for DATACOM, IDMS, DB2, IMS,…
  • Supports debugging solutions
  • Impact Analysis
  • Audit function
  • Professional services and support
  • And much more..


About CloudBees

CloudBees is the CI, CD and application release orchestration (ARO) powerhouse, built on the commercial success of its products as well as its open source leadership. CloudBees is the largest contributor to Jenkins and Jenkins X, and a founding member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF).

We are proud to announce that TechOrbit Group is now a reseller and professional services partner of IKAN ALM. The official news from TechOrbit Solutions goes as follows:

"We can help you to explore and evaluate IKAN ALM - a highly customizable framework to implement continuous integration-continuous deployment in mainframe, distributed and mixed environments. IKAN ALM can be used for zOS, SAP, Oracle ODI, SalesForce or create your own DevOps solution.

Leading companies across the world are using IKAN ALM for cost and risk efficiency, enhanced time-to-market.