IKAN, today announced that it joins the CloudBees TAPP program as a Premier Partner. At the same time it announces his PluginPlus solution for IBM z/OS for CloudBees, a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution for IBM z/OS that enterprises can use to rapidly create, deploy and manage mainframe applications using CloudBees.

The IKAN PluginPlus for IBM z/OS for CloudBees is a commercial offering built on CloudBees.

Why do we call them PluginPlus? Well, because the IKAN Plugin for IBM z/OS for CloudBees have exactly the same behavior as standard CloudBees plugins, but are not for free. The IKAN PluginPlus for IBM z/OS is also documented, maintained and supported.


The IKAN CloudBees PluginPlus for z/OS includes a variety of key features like:

  • Integration with Subversion, GIT
  • Release or Package based CI/CD
  • Model and parameter driven creation of IBM z/OS JCL
  • Automatic generation of compile JCL
  • Automatic generation of deploy/promote JCL
  • Support for DB2 binds, CICS update, QMF update
  • Support for DATACOM, IDMS, DB2, IMS,…
  • Supports debugging solutions
  • Impact Analysis
  • Audit function
  • Professional services and support
  • And much more..


About CloudBees

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