What's new in the current release

IKAN ALM 5.7 includes the following new functionalities

Integration with Gradle Build Automation

IKAN ALM now integrates with Gradle, the “ modern open source polyglot build automation system” introducing “a concise and expressive build programming language”. A Gradle Scripting Tool defined in IKAN ALM can be used throughout the full application lifecycle: in the standard build and deploy processes, or wrapped in a Custom Phase, which can be easily reused in different projects.

New Package Build Group concept

A Package Build Group (PBG) establishes a relationship between Packages and allows transferring the latest builds from all or specific packages in a PBG before executing the build process of a Package. This is useful for Mainframe lifecycles, in case Copybooks which are used by programs in several packages are being modified in one of those Packages. Linking the Packages into a PBG, will ensure that the right (version of the) Copybooks will be transported to the concerned packages at compilation time.

New RIA interface for creating a Level Request

The Create Level Request page has been completely redesigned. Core information is now directly visible, more obvious data are just one click away. Enhancements have been included in the new design, like reusing the description of previous requests and hiding/showing uneditable parameters.

Redesign of the Build History interface

The renewed Build History page gives a clear overview of how a Build evolved through the lifecycle.

Filter File Revisions in the Edit Package interface

Possibility to search for Files using wildcards when editing the File Revisions linked to a Package.

Enhanced functionalities

  • Renewed interface for creating, updating and viewing Scripting Tools
  • Renewed interface for creating and updating Projects, new Project Info overview
  • Refactored JIRA integration to use the JIRA REST API
  • Performance optimizations for Packages using Subversion sources, both for the interface as for the build/deploy processes
  • Upgrade of the database backend, supporting JDBC 4 drivers
  • Support for Windows 10

Bug fixes

Several small bug fixes and optimizations have also been implemented. Refer to the readme of the installed product for more details.