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In the rapidly changing world of business information it is of major importance to have an ALM solution that is open and can respond quickly to changed circumstances.

In an Application Lifecycle Management context, our IKAN ALM solution starts where versioning systems end, improving the entire software engineering process, and saving time and money on radical migration efforts.

Not only do we offer a stand-alone ALM tool for Build, Deploy, Lifecycle and Approval Management but, more importantly, we offer a complete multi-vendor ALM 2.0 solution conform to popular process standards and governance rules.

IKAN ALM- Build, Deploy, Lifecycle and Approval Management Tool

IKAN ALM offers a uniquely integrated web-based Application Lifecycle Management platform for both Agile and traditional software development teams. It combines Continuous Integration and Lifecycle Management, offering a single point of control, and delivering support for build and deploy processes (manually generated or automated), approval processes, release management and software lifecycles.

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Complete ALM 2.0 solution

Often, organizations want to continue working with their preferred tools in their preferred environment.

Being ALM 2.0 compliant, IKAN ALM fully integrates with any versioning tool and any issue tracking tool, providing ALM reports across repositories.

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Ready to use scripts

We provide ready to use solutions for multiple environments. These solutions include ALM and the necessary scripts to automate the integration with a specific environment.

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