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Versioning, automated deployment and Life Cycle Management for
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Mainframe modernization and agility, using Life Cycle Management for


IKAN ALM’s architecture consists of a multi-tier, cross-platform solution, with a central main server and distributed agents.

IKAN ALM architecture


A multilingual web and command line interface are offered.

Central Server

The central server is a web application responsible for:

  • User authentication and authorization
  • Hosting the web application responsible for the user interface
  • Monitoring the distributed version repositories
  • Scheduling builds dependent on the specified criteria


The distributed agents are responsible for building and/or installing the applications.


The data repository is an open central database where all administrative data and the audit trail history are stored. IKAN ALM communicates with the repository using standard JDBC interfaces. The required JDBC drivers are installed along with the product. The repository can reside in any RDBMS system such as Microsoft® SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle®, Informix® or IBM® DB2/UDB.

Version Control

The source code is always stored in a Version Control Repository. IKAN ALM integrates with different known versioning systems like Subversion, CVS, Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe, IBM® Rational® (UCM and Base), IBM® Rational® ClearCase LT, , Serena PVCS Version Manager and many others.

Since the choice of IDE often drives the choice of the Versioning System, organizations can have more than one operational Versioning System. IKAN ALM is the solution that provides a unique process control over all versioning systems present in the organization. Not only do developers not have to be confronted with a tool replacement situation, but they also benefit from additional features that extend the capabilities of their preferred development environment. IKAN ALM stores each build result on the file system of the IKAN ALM server and labels the source accordingly in the versioning system thus guaranteeing a correct source-build relationship.


IKAN ALM does not manage users, user-group relations and passwords in the system itself.

IKAN ALM interacts with the security system in place within the organization (Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, etc.) using the “Java Authentication and Authorization Services” interface.

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