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IKAN ALM follows an open philosophy: it is made to interact with other products which are especially designed for specific tasks within the development lifecycle.

Such products are usually well-established and have many satisfied users in the development area. Sometimes, it even occurs that, within the same company, multiple products are being used for the same function. Usually, this is due to historical reasons or because some users have very specific needs.

IKAN ALM stands for evolution, not revolution, and therefore it accepts in its ALM 2.0 solution the already active products, without compromising the full ALM requirements.

IKAN ALM interacts with:

Requirement solutions

The setting of requirements is an activity which is not part of the actual IT development process. However, in case the requirements involve software development, they can be picked up by IKAN ALM through, for example, an issue tracking system and as, a consequence, be automatically followed throughout the whole lifecycle.

Issue Tracking tools

It is imperative that issues encountered during the development process, can be followed up throughout the complete lifecycle as to ensure its justification or closing. IKAN ALM monitors the full lifecycle of an issue from start to finish. Integrations are available for all issue tracking systems, such as Jira, HP, Collabnet, Bugzilla, Team Foundation, …

Versioning tools

There are many excellent versioning systems on the market today, offering complete versioning control, but lacking an integrated solution for automated builds or deploys, library management and other important ALM tasks. Many of their users would like to evolve to a higher level of ALM practices without having to abandon their favourite versioning tool.

IKAN ALM tightly integrates with leading existing third-party versioning solutions (e.g. IBM® Rational® ClearCase®, Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe®, Serena® PVCS Version Manager, CVS, Subversion, Team Foundation

Build Management tools

IKAN ALM has its own full-service build facility builds in the solution. However, it is also possible to connect to other build products like the build facility of Team Foundation, for example.

Test Support tools

Testing is one of the heaviest tasks within the development lifecycle. Specialized testing software facilitates the job of the Testing department, but usually Development is not involved in this part of the process. By integrating the testing tools into the application lifecycle management process, not only the performance will be increased because of automated functions, but better communication and cooperation between Testing and Development will be established because of the automatic sharing of information.

IKAN ALM has a certified integration with HP Quality Center.

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