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ALM for Mainframes

As a CIO, you are confronted with major challenges: you have to ensure business continuity and protect your company’s former IT investments, and at the same time, you need to innovate, master the risks and be cost-efficient. Unfortunately, the budgets to accomplish all that keep on getting smaller.

Software applications play a key role in your company’s revenue plans, but they are becoming more complex and have to keep pace with the ever changing business needs.

Many of you have a huge mainframe legacy, supporting the key operations of your company. At the same time, innovation drives you to other platforms, especially for customer and end-user applications. Today, it is unimaginable that applications are not available through the Web or via mobile devices. Protecting that mainframe legacy to ensuring business continuity and at the same time being innovative by supporting Web and mobile applications, at an acceptable cost and while mastering the risks, is no child’s play.

Mainframes are mainly used as back-end machines, and the front-end is mostly served through the Web or mobile devices. That means that you not only have to manage your mainframe legacy, but also the new frontends and, most of all, the dependencies between those two.

In the two whitepapers below we will explain why Enterprise-wide ALM (for both mainframe and non-mainframe environments) is important and how easy it is to implement it. Our first whitepaper will discuss topics like cost-effectiveness, complex lifecycles and Application Lifecycle Management in general. While the second whitepaper will guide you through the ALM for Mainframes configuration step-by-step.

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