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New release IKAN ALM 5.6

December 10, 2014

IKAN has released a new version of its Application Lifecycle Management product. Besides some enhanced functionalities, this new release brings you new functionalities.

IKAN ALM now supports starting the application lifecycle from sources stored in a Git or Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) Repository. IKAN ALM integrates with the Microsoft Team Foundation Issue Tracking System by linking Team Foundation Work Items to an IKAN ALM Level Request Build and/or Deploy action.

The Level Request Detail and all related pages have been completely redesigned. All Level Request related information has been nicely organized in a tabbed-based interface for enhanced usability

Global Administration functionality to Mass delete or update Phases used in Projects. These new options allow you to replace or delete a Phase in several Environments of different Projects at once.

Check our infocenter for more details about this new release.