Refund policy

Claims are allowed within the next two weeks after the purchase. The refund process is the following:

  • Customer requests IKAN Development N.V. for support using the website contact form.
  • IKAN Development N.V. has 30 days starting from the customer request to settle the claim, fix the issue and/or find an agreement.
  • If no agreement has been found between parties after 30 days, IKAN Development N.V. will decide to refund the customer or not.

In case the customer has several issues with a product, every one of the issues should follow the above conditions.


The customer will be refunded if one of these conditions is met, and if he agrees to not use the downloaded files and delete his copies:

  • The issue concerns a bug, that has not been fixed following the claim.
  • The product is lacking a feature that is advertised in the product description page.


The conditions in which the customer will not be refunded:

  • The demand concerns a new feature, not advertised in the description of the product, or in the communication with IKAN Development N.V.
  • The product had a bug that IKAN Development N.V. was able to fix following the claim.
  • The product works well, but is not satisfying the customer’s specific needs.