Automated IBM z/OS development process from Development, through Test and QA to Production on Microsoft Azure cloud

Can your legacy mainframe SCM product handle your modern software development needs?

Modernize your z/OS software development process with mainframe DevOps on Azure... in a breeze!

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Modernization is the answer to your Mainframe challenges

Fulfil Business and IT requirements through Mainframe modernization

Modernizing mainframe development implies using a DevOps solution that supports this modern way of working. Modern DevOps enables you to:

  • INTEGRATE with modern development tools
  • AUTOMATE change activities
  • ADAPT development methodologies (such as Agile)

A modern DevOps solution accommodates both the Business and IT departments' requirements.

Business requirements
  • Enable mainframe to be more responsive to business needs
  • Reducing time to market by removing the bottlenecks in mainframe change delivery
  • Reduce cost of changes via process efficiency, automation and driving quality by design
I.T. requirements
  • Introduce more automation
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Remove waste from the value stream
  • Adopt the process and controls to make releases safer and more efficient

Everything you need for mainframe modernization and agility

Get all the modern development benefits for your Mainframe environment. Use a modern IDE on your Windows/Linux system to develop, manage your application life cycles, and automate your Mainframe Build (Compile) and Deploy process.

Modern IDE
(VS Code / Eclipse)

Hide mainframe complexity and use modern IDE features, such as: code completion, syntax checking, debugging and proper object navigation.

Version Control

Use modern VCR’s such as Git to manage you mainframe code base and to support parallel development.

From Waterfall
to Agile

Use short development sprints to reduce risks and accelerate planning of feature implementations.

Build (Compile)

Automatically generated JCL accompagnied with the project source is sent to the Mainframe to be build. The result is stored in an archive.

Deploy (promote)

The automated Deploy starts from the build archive and deploys to the Mainframe environment defined in the application life cycle.


Work on as many releases as you want. You can have a major new release, together with a minor upgrade and the ability to fix bugs in what’s currently in production.

Leading you from idea to implementation in 3 simple steps


Together we analyze your current development and release process and define the optimal DevOps solution for IBM z/OS for your company. We clearly draw the roadmap on how to get there.

Pilot (POC)

Next we proof that the proposed solution works, by example. It takes only one week to deliver our proof-of-concept!


After the POC is finished we have your business case ready, give you a commercial proposal and begin implementing the solution.

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Since 2004 we have been helping enterprises to automate and control their complex development processes.

What our customers are saying

  • RMA client picture

    Antonio Motta - ICT infrastructure manager, RMA (Italy)

    "Our goal was to have one product, that managed the whole build and deploy process for all the platforms we used to deliver our IT services. We saved more than 2/3 on the software maintenance cost."

  • Constellation Brands client picture

    Jim McGrath - Data Warehouse Manager, Constellation Brands (USA)

    "My internal team was excited about the possibilities your software offers and is anxious to hear next steps. Additionally, you should know that I have ensured my team knows the level of effort and support your team has provided.

    It is hands down the best support I have seen from any vendor I’ve worked with."

  • Vivium client picture

    Willy Mutsaerts - Technology Architect and Software asset management, P&V (Belgium)

    "IKAN ALM allowed us to modernize our mainframe development as we wanted to use an eclipse based development environment and needed to have a compatible life cycle management solution to replace our current mainframe only version control software.

    And IKAN ALM allowed us to interface with the mainframe and has extensive customization possibilities."

    Watch Mr. Mutsaerts talk about IKAN ALM:

    Benefits of IKAN ALM Business Case What makes IKAN ALM unique
  • GMF client picture

    Jerome Rouil - IT Team Manager, GMF COVEA group (France)

    "We did a POC to verify if IKAN ALM could support our different ways of deploying (on different types of platforms), our current way of doing development and the build and deploy scripts we were currently using.

    IKAN ALM allows us to work from everywhere, and to reuse existing scripts. We could use our existing security system (LDAP), SMTP for messaging and notifications.

    We use IKAN ALM for all our JAVA applications and SAS reporting that are deployed to 30 different locations"

People are choosing DevOps because they want

Higher quality

As developers will version their code (in Git or Subversion) and as parallel development is supported you will have a more sound code base. Managing the many different releases and hot fixes becomes fast, transparent and reliable.

More frequent deploys

A complete and automated process (build, deploy, approval and notification) is triggered once a developer commits his code to the version control repository. This process is reliable, repeatable and auditable so you can you can deploy more frequently.

Lower development costs

More frequent and qualitative deploys means happy business people since they'll have their desired functionality available faster. The automated process eliminates human mistakes and allows people to do more interesting work. A true win/win.

These companies already use IKAN ALM

A list of our clients: Vivium, Reale Mutua, GMF and Constellation Brands